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Technical Information


CE-141900-A1 Nordic wood screw TDG countersunk
CE-200236-A1 Nordic wood screw stainless hardened 
CE-300086-A2 Ring shank nail
CE-141901-A1 Nordic wood screw TDG hexagon 
CE-200001-A2 Drywall screw
CE-200004-A1 Anchor screw
CE-200206- A2 Chipboard screw
A4-300141-A1 Grooved nail D head
CE-300147-A3 Anchor nail
CE-300159-A3 Round jagged nail sticks
CE300165-A1 Round nail coil
CE300218-A2 Ring shank nail
CE300366-A5 Grooved nail
CE300372-A1 Ring shank nail coil
CE-300402-A2 Roofing nail
CE-300582-A2 Square nail
CE-200087 Construction & bracket screw
CE-2002141-A2 Wood screw countersunk electro galvanized
CE-2002142-A3 Wood screw countersunk Impreg+
CE-2002171-A2 Wood screw panhead electro galvanized
CE-2002172-A2 Wood screw panhead Impreg+
CE-300004 Ring shank nail offset
CE-300006-A2 Ring shank nail collated
CE-3003651 Ring shank nail d head collated
CE-120140 Farmer screw
CE-120149 Flat roof insulation screws
CE-120580 Self-drilling screws
CE-050070-A1 M2 Throughbolt
CE-050199-A1 M2R Throughbolt
CE-100130 GTM-E chemical mortar
CE-110008-A1 MQL universal plug
CE-200259 Wood screw countersunk Protec
CE-01913 Joist Hangers
CE-02013 Angle Brackets
CE-02113 Fork Anchors Purlin anchors and Universal connectors
CE-02213 Cantilever Brackets
CE-02313 Angle Brackets
CE-02413 Angle Brackets
CE-02513 Angle Brackets
CE-02613 Angle Brackets
CE-02713 Angle Brackets
CE-02813 Angle Brackets
CE-02913 Knight Bracket
CE-03013 Nailing plates
CE-031113 Joist strap
CE-03213 Steel straps and profile straps
CE-200084-A2 Decking screw stainless steel A4
CE-200191 Decking screw Impreg+
CE-03313-01 Steel fixing and bracing straps
CE-200084-A1 Decking screw stainless steel A4
CE-300141-A4 Grooved nail D head
CE-3003651-A1 Ring shank bail D head collated
CE-200206-A3 Chipboard screw
 Ce-200002 Wafer head screws
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