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Anchor screw Impreg®+

Anchor screw Impreg®+


  • Hardened steel
  • Impreg®+
  • SITAC Type Approval No. SC0204-11

Anchor screw Impreg®+ is designed for use on the new type of impregnated wood used to fit structural connectors. The screw has a TX-recess to ensure good grip on assembly.

The screw is type-approved for strength to 4337/91. The Impreg®+ surface treatment is specially formulated for impregnated wood. Type-approved in corrosion category C4.


Detailed information

Part no ØxL D Pieces Unit
69816 5.0-31 8,0 250 BOX
69836 5.0-35 8,0 250 BOX
69815 5.0-40 8,0 250 BOX
69817 5.0-40 8,0 20 Bag
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