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Copper nail

Copper nail


  • Flat countersunk head or
  • rose head
  • Square
  • Copper SS 5010

Copper nail with rose head or flat head and square shank that can withstand rain. Used in sheet metal work involving copper etc., as well as as a decorative nail. Used for a number of purposes including as a fixing in boat building. The copper washer is available as an accessory and is used to provide a larger contact surface and protect the base material.

Detailed information

Part no ØxL D Remark Pieces Unit
z264474 2.5-40 6.8 Rosett 500 BOX
z292057 3.0-50 8.5 250 BOX
z311158 3.5-60 10.0 100 BOX
z541586 2.5-40 6.8 Rosett 25 Bag
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