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Hammer capsule R-HAC

Hammer capsule R-HAC


  • Glass cartridge
  • Epoxy acrylate
  • Quartz sand

Hammer cartridges can be quickly and easily fitted to pre-drilled holes in concrete and stone - including in wet drilled holes. Suitable for use when only a limited number of fixings are needed. The cartridge is made of glass and is crushed as the final step in securing the fixing. Where higher loadings are required, two are fitted in line for all types of reinforcement rods and threaded rods.


Safety data sheet


Detailed information

Part no (d) L Drill Ø Drill depth Pieces Unit Hardening time
70725 M12 95 14 110 10 BOX Over +20C 1 h, +11C-+20C 2 h, +1C-+10C 5 h, -5C-0C 10 h
70726 M16 95 18 140 10 BOX Over +20C 1 h, +11C-+20C 2 h, +1C-+10C 5 h, -5C-0C 10 h
70727 M20 140 25 180 6 BOX Over +20C 1 h, +11C-+20C 2 h, +1C-+10C 5 h, -5C-0C 10 h
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