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Anchor compound accessories

Anchor compound accessories

Mixer tube: for mixing hardener and compound. Wire brush:used for brushing out drilled holes prior to fixing. Blow pump: used for
blowing out the drilled holes prior to fixing. Injection gun: used for injecting the anchor compound. Fit the tube in the injection gun.

Detailed information

Part no Descr. ØxL Remark Pieces Unit Del. Measure
z960914 BLÅSPUMP ANKARMASSA - 420 ml, Anv. för rengöring för ETA-godk. 1 PC PC
4177 INJEKTERINGSPISTOL - Passar även vanliga silicontuber 1 PC PC
7801 BORSTE ANKARMASSA 10/12 - För hål Ø 10/12 mm 1 PC PC
7802 BORSTE ANKARMASSA 14/18 - För hål Ø 14/18 mm 1 PC PC
7803 BORSTE ANKARMASSA 22/26 - För hål Ø 22/26 mm 1 PC PC
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