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New outer packaging

New outer packaging

During fall we will change our outer packaging. Instead of corrugated cardboard trays we will change to shrink-wrapping. This means that we will change the number of boxes in outer packaging. In most cases there will be a change to fewer boxes, e g 12 boxes will be 8.

The changes concerns screws, nails, plugs, concrete fixings e.t.c in small packages. Connectors and other products in crates are not concerned. There are several reasons to make the change and one is that shrink-wrapping has less affect on the environment than a package of both corrugated cardboard and plastic. The outer packaging will be much easier to handle as well.

We'll gradually make the changes during the fall but 1st January 2011 all products previously delivered in cardboard trays will be delivered in shrink-wrappings.

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