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10 09 27

Time consuming to mount outdoor plasterboard screw

Collated dry-wall screw for outdoor use reduces the time for mounting plasterboards considerably. The screw has a special head form that is a combined traditional dry-wall screw head and an outside head.

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10 12 27

Corrodent environment and demand on function and strength

Wood screw stainless hardened has very good tensile properties. The hardening process combined with the corrosion resistance gives the screw its unique characteristics so it can withstand stress.

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10 08 26

Frame plug universal MQL for all materials

Frame plug universal MQL can be used in all type of materials. Due to Quattro®-technology the plug expands in four directions wich increases the load capacity.

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10 11 16

The plug that can handle all materials

The Universal MQ plug is used for attachment fittings in all kinds of building materials. Quattro® technology allows the plug to expand in four directions. Read more »
10 10 11

Tools for professional craftsmen

Workman is our tool program for professional craftsmen, house manufactures and pallet industries.

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10 10 05

New outer packaging

During fall we will change our outer packaging. Instead of corrugated cardboard trays we will change to shrink-wrapping. This means that we will change the number of packages in outer packaging.

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