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| Fastening Systems

Products for professionals

Gunnebo Industries is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of fasteners. Nails, screws, expanders, plugs, auto-feed screws and nails are some well-known examples of our products. Gunnebo Fastening, Christiania Spigerverk and OFA are Fastening Systems’ brands.  

Our solutions are suited to demanding environments, both indoors and out. Outdoor products must withstand salt and humidity, and mechanical wear in building structures, roads and bridges. Finish and user-friendliness are important indoor requirements.

Gunnebo began making nails back in 1764. During the 250 years that have passed since then we have accumulated knowhow that provides support and traditions that bring responsibility. Today we are an all-round fastener supplier with special focus on unique, innovative products.  

And naturally part of our business is the provision of technical advice and logistics solutions. We are the market leaders in the Nordics, but you’ll find our products almost everywhere around the world.

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